Open letter to the GEAS NBC management regarding missing services and ground maintenance in 2021

Hello Raphaela,

this email is designed for discussion in the FORUM of the GEAS NBC website and for the corporate officers (Cariche Sociali) of the club.

As an ordinary member of the GEAS NBC Vela Colico I am renting and paying for some space for my Catamaran since some years. In the meantime the presidency of the Club has changed and the services I receive from the Club are very different from the past: 

  1. Ground maintenance has collapsed
  2. Changing room and indoor shower are missing
  3. Old work shop with a key is now PerSport and no more accessible for the members
  4. Kitchen and social space reserved for the member is gone and reserved for PerSport
  5. Feeling to be a valuable member is gone while only paying for others activities
  6. Old guard (members) are no more showing up escaping in the exclusive Colico marina
  7. President has a permanent conflict of interest and clear focus on PerSport
  8. PerSport is occupying the club space for kids all summer and running a business separated form the club using the GEAS NBC almost entire ground for a minimal fee not covering the costs of the space, facilities and maintenance
  9. A member paying for a space is feeling like a fool because others can use boats and space for free
  10. Finally all is done for regattas and PerSport and the renting members FINANCING the club should do the missing maintenance of the ground on top and for free.

Sorry, but this miss-management will not work and last for long. A member renting a space does not want to work while enjoying his time on the lake on a summer weekend. Maintenance of the ground and the utilities must be done all summer (and not just regattas and schooling), because the members are coming along only for a few months.

Socializing the cost of the space, utilities and maintenance in season does not work at all and is not correct, because the renting and sailor boat owners pay only, if you provide an appropriate service.

By the way my complaint to the owners of the ground and houses has been out spoken in the meantime, enjoying a clear answer and decision to force the club for regular and continuing maintenance of the ground, utilities and buildings year-round next.

If you do not provide permanent ground maintenance, why should a member buy a boat and pay for a space if others paying just a member fee and getting all services for free?

We are not in a ‘kindergarden’, where everybody can enjoy the summer season for a few EURO. Sailing is an expensive sport. There has to be a responsibility for a service provided from the club and fair cost and return sharing.  The attempt to ‘delegate the duties to all members’ as I learned in a meeting with Alberto and Raffaela is just nonsense and sounds helpless. Socializing responsibility and action does not work as we can see.

Summary: After some years of membership and my present research, I understand now a bit more. If you go for a profit center approach for each activity, you will learn instantly, that a lot of people and activities do not deliver their fair share and return for the community and the health of the club.  

It is a shame that the paying and renting members get treated in GEAS NBC like a fool.

Here my questions to the management of the club: 

  1. Why do you spent money for everything and leave the ground maintenance deserted?
  2. Does the club needs 25 boats and who covers the costs for repair and maintenance?
  3. Why does the club provide courses for cabin boats which do not cover the costs?
  4. Why do you provide regattas for a hand full of people and make a loss?
  5. Why do you offer 25 (!) boats for free and do not sell the boats?
  6. Why PerSport is not paying a fair share for the ground and facilities?
  7. Do we need a shabby caravan on the ground for our image?
  8. Why is the common space, shower, changing room and key for the workshop missing?
  9. Why do you accept rubbish boats left on the ground without maintenance?
  10. Why do the boat owners renting have to pay for the space of the 25 boats owned by the club and the boats owned by PerSport and the used facilities?

Thank you for a solution and a responsible management with fair cost and return sharing in 2022 in advance.

I will think about selling my boat anyway for the next season and to stay with a regular Club membership just sailing the boats owned by the club from Monday to Friday for free, forget the rental fee for the parking space, my part of the maintenance and enjoy the GEAS NBC membership in Colico, one of the best sailing spots on the lake.

Kind regards and happy sailing


PS. Please keep in mind, that we need just a hand full of members renting a space for their boats directly from the ground owner to cover the yearly rental for the space, while easily outsourcing the maintenance, enjoying a properly maintained structure, getting a positive image and may finally end up with a surplus to be spent for some amenities.